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How KitaNow Works?

Find the perfect Kita easily without the stress of managing multiple emails.

Discover Kitas

Browse through our comprehensive database of over 59,000 Kitas in Germany. Use our search filters to find Kitas that meet your child's needs, such as location, hours, and language.

Send 100+ Emails

Select your favourite, submit application to all selected Kitas in just one click. Our system automatically fills out the application form for you, saving you time and hassle.

Instant Notifications

You will receive immediate notifications when a Kita responds to your email, ensuring you're always informed, and able to act promptly. Seamlessly stay in the loop with minimal effort.

Scheduled Reminders

We automatically remind Kitas about your application if they haven't responded yet, and you can schedule automated follow-ups to ensure they know you're still interested.

Manage Applications

Organize, track, and update your application statuses all in one place. Stay updated on your submissions, replies, follow-ups and real-time position on the waiting list.

3.8x Higher Chances

KitaNow boosts your Kita spot chances by 3.8x over manual methods. We combine streamlined processes, data insights, and automated tools for unmatched efficiency.

Find Your Perfect Kita Spot Across Germany on the Best Kita Search Platform.

Sharmila Subba
Sharmila Subba is a game changer when looking for a daycare place for our daughter, even if it lacks important features. The user-friendly interface simplified the process and allowed us to enter preferences effortlessly, Within minutes.Reviews from other parents on the platform provided valuable insights that helped me make an informed decision. Overall, the platform streamlined the entire search process and saved me time and effort. I can highly recommend it to all parents looking for the perfect kindergarten for their child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simplifying Your Kita Search Journey.

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Why Choose KitaNow?

KitaNow saves parents countless hours of time, connects with up to 100 Kitas at once and automates the entire application process. Only KitaNow Can Do That!

While we cannot guarantee a time-frame, the majority the subscribers of our paid plan found a spot in 2-3 months. If you want to play it safe, consider our one-off plan with a guaranteed spot.

Absolutely, you can use tools like Google Sheets or Excel to stay organized. Just remember to track follow-ups, manage waiting list schedules, and keep in touch with Kitas. Plan an average of 3-5 hours per week over the next couple of months for it. KitaNow does all that automatically, you just check in a couple of times per week to manage your applications.

Your data's safety is our top priority. We employ strong encryption, similar to what the military uses, and additional layers of security. Rest assured, every piece of your data is thoroughly protected. For those interested in more technical details, [click here] to delve deeper into our security measures. Your payment details stay with our payment provider STRIPE - we never even see them.

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