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Our founding team at brings a lot of heart and understanding to the world of Kita (daycare center) searches. Essam Abdelrahman, a software engineer who came to Germany from Egypt in 2017, not only found a new home in Berlin, but also the love of his life. With his partner Lena and their two daughters, Jamila (4) and Farida (1), he experienced the challenges of finding a Kita first-hand. When it came to finding a Kita place for Jamila, Essam was surprised by the arduous and poorly organised search. When searching for Farida, he took matters into his own hands, programmed an early version of KitaNow and found a place within 14 days. Word of his success spread quickly and soon other mums from his circle of friends were asking for help. This is how the idea for was born.

Marc Alexander Nieding, who joined as co-founder in August 2023, brought his experience from setting up a pay-TV business in Spain. He too, happily married and father of three sons, knows the challenges that come with being a parent.

Our journey at KitaNow began with our experience as parents in Berlin, facing the difficult process of finding a Kita place for our children. We experienced the frustration of spending endless hours searching, applying and waiting while juggling our responsibilities as parents and professionals. From this experience, the vision for KitaNow was born: an efficient platform that could make the daycare search process less stressful and more of an informed decision. A tool that gives parents more time to focus on the most important thing - our children.

KitaNow is the realisation of this vision. Our mission is to simplify the Kita search process and reduce the stress and time that often comes with it. We know the challenges, we have felt the fears, and we share a desire to provide the best for our children. It is this shared understanding and empathy that drives us forward and keeps us constantly improving.

For the KitaNow team, families are at the centre of everything we do. Our culture is characterised by a deep understanding of the challenges parents face when looking for the perfect Kita place for their children. We understand the needs and concerns of families and do everything we can to make the Kita search process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Through our automated application and tracking systems, we aim to ensure that parents save time and increase their chances of finding a Kita place. We strive to be a trusted platform where parents feel safe and know that their data and enquiries will be handled with the utmost care.

We believe in building a strong community of parents who can support each other and share experiences. Every day we work to put these values into practice. This can be seen in the constant development of our platform to meet the needs of parents, working closely with daycare centres and creating an open dialogue with our community. Our 95% customer satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to these values and our mission to support families on their journey.

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