Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose KitaNow?

KitaNow saves parents countless hours of time, connects with up to 100 Kitas at once and automates the entire application process. Only KitaNow Can Do That!

How Fast Can I Find a Spot?

While we cannot guarantee a time-frame, the majority the subscribers of our paid plan found a spot in 2-3 months.

Why not search manually?

Absolutely, you can use tools like Google Sheets or Excel to stay organized. Just remember to track follow-ups, manage waiting list schedules, and keep in touch with Kitas. Plan an average of 5 hours per week over the next couple of months for it. KitaNow does all that automatically, you just check in a couple of times per week to manage your applications. 

Why Pay € 19.99 monthly?

We save you at least 20 hours of your time and that each month. We talked to professionals who look for daycare centres on behalf of parents. Well organised, even professionals need 5 hours of manual labour per week. 5 hours, 4 weeks per month = 20 hours. Time that can really be spent more pleasantly. We have a lot to offer for 19.99€: taking the stress out of the search for a Kita place and saving you many hours of your valuable time.


Is My Data Secure?

Your data's safety is our top priority. We employ strong encryption, similar to what the military uses, and additional layers of security. Rest assured, every piece of your data is thoroughly protected. For those interested in more technical details, [click here] to delve deeper into our security measures. Your payment details stay with our payment provider STRIPE (link to Stripe security whitepaper) - we never even see them.

Can I cancel my KitaNow subscription at any time?

You can cancel your KitaNow subscription at any time by logging into your account, navigating to the settings and then selecting the "Cancellation" option.

How does KitaNow save me time?

KitaNow automates the Kita application process so you can apply to all Kitas with one click. This saves you from having to fill out each application manually and increases your chances of securing a place for your child.

What happens after I submit my daycare applications?

After you have submitted your applications, you can follow their progress in real time via the KitaNow platform. You will receive notifications as soon as a nursery responds to your application, so you can react directly.

Does KitaNow guarantee that my child will get a Kita place?

We cannot guarantee that your child will get a Kita place. However, KitaNow increases your chances by allowing you to apply to several daycare centres at the same time. We also send out automated follow-up emails.

What information is needed to use KitaNow?

To use KitaNow, we need your address to know which daycare centres are suitable in your area and your child's information for the automated registration.

How up-to-date is the KitaNow database and are new Kitas added regularly?

We have the most up-to-date and comprehensive database on Kitas in Germany. Our KitaNow database is always up-to-date and extensive, with monthly updates. This is how we guarantee the high precision of our detailed filter function.

What are the steps to cancel my KitaNow membership?

To cancel your KitaNow membership, simply send an email. Cancel 24 hours before subscription renewal to avoid further debits. A pro-rata refund is not possible.

What are the costs associated with KitaNow?

KitaNow is free of charge for up to 10 Kitas. With a subscription, you can contact up to 100 Kitas.

Are there success stories of parents who found the right daycare place with KitaNow?

Of course there are! Here are videos and here are reviews on Google - there are more every day!

How does the customer support at KitaNow work?

We are always there for you by email.

Are there special offers or discounts for multiple children or families looking for multiple places?

Yes, with one login you can manage up to three children at the same time. Please note, however, that all children will receive the same request; individual requests per child are not possible.

Is the process with KitaNow transparent and with regular updates?

Yes, the daycare search process with KitaNow is completely transparent. All communications and updates are centralised in your inbox as soon as you log in to KitaNow.

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